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Etobicoke vintage car Rentals

If you want to reserve a vintage Rolls Royce or Bentley in and around Etobicoke for your wedding day, then please contact Specialty Car today. We will provide you with great services in the Etobicoke area for vintage car rentals. Our collection of fleet includes a variety of Rolls Royce vehicles including a 1970 and 1962 Austin Princess. We also offer a 1961 Bentley rental. All of our vehicles are maintained to the finest industry standards in the Etobicoke area and you will very happy with the vintage car you book with us.

We offer you with a great collection of vintage vehicles that you can choose from, all perfect for such occasions such as a Wedding, a Milestone birthday party, a Night Out Celebration all going perfectly with a vintage car rental. Whatever you are looking for to book a vintage car rental in Etobicoke, let Specialty Car be your choice. You can call to book a fine car and you can also reserve a car for such services as Film and Media services where you will be able to utilize our vehicles to be featured in any type of promotional video that you can think of.

We maintain our cars that we rent out to our clients fully so you can enjoy your ride. Contact us today to book a vintage car in Etobicoke today. Our service reps are standing by to answer your questions and get you ready with one of our vintage fleet. You will be truly happy with our services from Specialty Car!